Featured Vendor August 22nd

Malcolm Ford Glass

I've been Blowing Glass since 2007, I began in middle school so I am very passionate about what I sell.

My production process starts with a furnace that has 1000 Lb of liquid glass I then gather the glass out of the furnace with a metal rod called a blow pipe, shape, blow, mold and tool the the glass into the desired form.

Featured Vendor August 22nd

Farm Fresh Northwest

Pasture raised beef and pork grown by our family and delivered to your doorstep in small quantity. 

Never worry about being locked into a long term contract with Farm Fresh Northwest. You can choose to continue each month, increase or decrease quantity, stop, pause, or simply opt for every other month. Your meat, your schedule. The flexibility is in your hands! We also make sure to send a reminder email to all our customers at the beginning of each month, to give you time to make an adjustment to your package if needed.

Stop by and learn more and take home some great meats.

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Meet the Manager


My background is a weaving of many areas from entrepreneur, (small deli, event planning, personal organization) to film and television production, to retail marketing and sales. This has given me the skills to create events, understand and work with a variety of people, especially small business and see the big picture.

I have always had my hand in the dirt and was shown at a young age the value of the Farmer. Nutrition ranks high on my list of priorities, so bringing a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, free range chicken, pork and beef, eggs and honey from Washington small farmers to the local consumer is vital.

2020 might change the way we access our food sources but with some creativity and rethinking distribution, we will have a successful year getting abundant farm fresh goods to the table!

Please stop and say hello next time you are at the market!

Sponsorship and Donations

How you can support

As a non-profit your support is essential. Local business and individuals underwrite 35% of the markets operating budget. How can you support your market? You could make a monetary donation. How about volunteering? We'd love to have you help us out. Did you check out our merchandise for sale? These are all great ways to support your market. Thanks, we could not do it without you.


Watch the video
Watch the video