Our farm has been producing since 1876, starting with my great, great grandfather.  We now grow certified organic and transitional berries to sell to the communities that we serve.  Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries.  Our berries are some of the sweetest around and some of the best pricing also which has provided us with a very loyal customer base.  We would like to continue to grow our business with more online ordering and expand our business.  3 things that we like about this market is the beautiful setting, the friendly crowds and it is a nice size.


Asian fruits and veggies 

We grow mostly Asian or tropical veggies that can be grown in Western Washington. We enjoy it, as it is not only making a living but meeting people of different cultures and learning something from them. Our produce is not only farm grown but home grown in our backyard. We hope to continue educating our customers on how to prepare and cook the produce that we sell that other vendors don't. The 3 things we like best about this market is that the community is so nice with friendly customers, the people are supporting the vendors, and we like the staff and volunteers and other vendors.


Flowers and veggies 

We are a family ran farm that uses what the land provides us. All of our plants are started on the farm in our greenhouse and we use no chemical spray on our vegetables. I started this business to allow me to grow things and make a profit.  We have lovely flowers and vegetables that we bring to the market for you every week for over 5 years now. We are so happy that the market is open and are glad to see so many familiar and new faces shopping with us. We really like the location at the water for this market, the people who visit and all our fellow vendors. 



I chose this business as I enjoy growing microgreens and they are extremely nutritious! As the only microgreens vendor at the market I'm unique in every way.  We offer several varieties of microgreens: green pea, kohlrabi and radish to name a few. Our company is based in Des Moines so our products are grown very locally.  We offer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscriptions with free delivery on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. We are continuing to grow our business and bring people the most nutrient dense food on the planet!  3 things I love about the DMWFM: Great location and view, it's on the weekend and the hours are perfect. Visit us at the market every week and preorder at: https://pnwmicrogreens.org



Assorted cookies, muffins & sweet + savory mini pies

 I have always had a passion for food. I took up cooking and baking for fun while in college. My love for food and preparing food has grown tremendously over the years. I love that a baked good can make someone smile. I have travelled the world, exploring other cultures and learning global cuisines. I have been trained at a sensory tasting level to understand the complexities of layering flavors & creating unique products that differentiate from the norm. I'm creative & love to experiment with different flavor ideas. I would LOVE to have my own brick and mortar one day. There are so many reasons why I like the DMWFM but a few would be that I'm a big water person, so love the location! The community is friendly and supportive. All around, I just get good vibes when I'm in Des Moines.



Soaps, bath & body care and terrarium environments

We create nature inspired items by hand for you, your loved ones and your home. We specialize in hand made soaps with a variety of styles; bar soap, hand soap and whipped soap. Some of our other popular items include our new luxury bath salt line, bath bombs, body scrubs and butters, and air plant terrariums. I strongly feel that people have the right to have chemical free products. Years ago, when I started there were very few healthy options out there for folks to choose from. Bringing these options to the market not only makes me feel good, but it furthers my work to reduce the need to support some companies that do not have the customers best interest in mind. We make everything ourselves, locally, by hand, with all natural and organic products. I love to do events! If you are looking for ideas for a fun event, how about a bath bomb making party or a terrarium party? We would love to have a storefront one day. I LOVE that the market is on the water. Where else can you shop and have such an amazing view? I also appreciate all of the shoppers. So many of them are warm and welcoming. And lastly, I appreciate that the Bean Hut is there as I need a constant supply off caffeine.